For almost 60 years busses with electric overhead contact lines, called “Obus” are driving through Solingen as counterpart of tramways in many European cities. The “Obus-Museum” takes care of and informs about the history of this form of local public transport including some historic vehicles.

Since 2007 you can book the historic bus no. 59 from 1959 for extra tours or special events. Finally the museum was able to buy and restore a matching trailer. Until 1962 these trailers were used to carry more passengers during rush hours. It took 5 troublesome years to restore it in detail work and now it’s waiting for its official approval and homologation for road service.

We had the chance to support this project as sponsor and to put our advertisement on the trailer. Therefor we re-activated the historic lettering and trademark of “Emil Schmidt” from the 1960s. Due to our traditional family business we like to get involved with the conservation of local traditions and history. Furthermore the electric drive of the “Obus” fits perfectly to our commitment in e-mobility!

We are excited about this beautiful result!