As a business owner, we are always happy when we can support projects with donations, gifts or personal engagement that either have something to do with our city Solingen, our industry or the bakery trade.
The “Bread against Misery” Foundation offers an ideal opportunity for the latter: it provides needy young people with a perspective through training to become a baker. Bakeries are set-up in developing countries with the help of donations and voluntary master bakers train the young people on the spot. Some of the baked bread is given directly to the needy and some sold in stores. This not only gives the young people a perspective, but from the proceeds the bakeries can purchase the necessary raw materials and pay small salaries.

In 2013 and 2015 we participated with donations of measuring cups, pastry bags, dough scrapers as well as some other items. Our donated items are already being used in Nicaragua, Mozambique and Brazil, and are bound to find grateful customers in the next project in Bolivia. For more information about the project: